This exclusive cover story is an outcome of a freewheeling interview session that we conducted with the founding head and CEO of Chavans Technologies- Sumanth Chavan and other members of the leadership team. In  this conversation,  the technocrat  shared some valuable nuggets of wisdom that gave us some food for thought. And we sincerely hope our global readership will find this read equally fascinating.


Incepted in 2015, Chavans Technologies has become a reliable IT service provider  across India with  its speciality  in  System  Integration & IT services. Being the founder of this venture, Sumanth has established an adamant mission to create smart spaces that are intelligent and can ensure ahigh level of accountability. Summarizing his overall entrepreneurial journey, he conveys that being an entrepreneur is an uphill climb and especially hailing from an Indian middle- class, non-business family is a struggle itself. From starting a business out of a tiny garage with zero venture capital to conducting multiple businesses successfully for the last 6 years, he defied all the odds to ensure exponential growth in his favour. “I’d say, it has been one hell of  a  journey. If  this is not a result of passion & dedication, what is?,” he asserts.


Today, the technology space is brimming with several service providers increasing the competition significantly. But, Chavans has made a unique reputation here owing to its dedicated team of highly skilled individuals possessing extensive experience in the IT industry.

Many of the associates in the company have spent years working with tech giants like IBM, EMC, Dell, VMware, Cisco to name a few. Moreover, what speaks volumes is that they do not focus on selling point solutions like most of their competitors. They have a crystal clear purpose of assisting organisations on two core aspects — to overcome their existing IT challenges and aiding them to adopt newer technology that will have an impact on their businesses directly. These strategies have stimulated huge acceptance of their services among the targeted clientele which includesmanyFortune500companiesaswellasmanypromising start-ups.

Assoftwarewillbedefiningandredefiningthefutureoftheworld welivein,Chavansaspirestobeakeycontributortothisdirection. Whentoday,mankindcaneffectivelylock/unlockandcontrolany householddevicebyasimpletouchorevenavoicecommand,we can consider the impact scale of rapid innovations that have been creatingadigitalspacearoundus.“It’sevenmoreexcitingtowatch what the future has in-store. That implies, every organization is under intense pressure to deliver innovative services for their markets and do so as rapidly as possible, but this speed can come at the expense of security, reliability and operations,” opines the CEO.Acknowledgingthat,Chavansisfocusedonhelpingitsend- customers in five major areas- Modernization of applications, Building software-defined data centres and the running and managing of multi-cloud environments, The connecting of them to a virtual cloud networking solution, The delivery of a digital workplacewithworld-classedgesolutionsandProvidingaholistic intrinsic securityportfolio.

Primarily, Chavans was started with the thought of just bridging the gap between the value-added partners and the end- customers. But with passing time, the senior executives broadened their vision where they decided   to address the unmet and unarticulated needs of their valued customer base. As the companyenjoys a leadership position in its space, it takes pride in empowering organisations & businesses in the direction of reaching their desired goals, alongside enriching people’s lives by creating tech intensity. Sumanth claims that they have been able to make leaps by this purpose only because   of the enriched experience and skill- sets that they as a leadership team brings-in while establishing a robust work culture. Leadership in the company has spent years working with tech giants like IBM, EMC, Dell, VMware, Cisco to name a few.

As he reveals more about the work culture, he affirms that for companies to be successful over a long period, innovative ideas and impeccable strategies play a significant role. Chavans culture fosters the growth of every individual where simplicity, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, empowering individuals, passion to win and creating insanely great experiences

– have been the core values. He is certain that their cultural principles have had an impact on the interaction process with all their stakeholders -be it the customers  or partners. Furthermore, he proceeded  to  talk  about the primary traits the management prominently seeks in an individual to survive in the organisation which is the ability to adapt to continuous change while possessing an aptitude towards continuous learning.


Sumanth resonates with the concept — change is the only constant. Hence, Chavans has been able to adapt to various changing technology trends in the last five years. He adds substance in this direction by revealing, “Let me give you an example – it’s been 2 quarters since we started Chavans cloud, and today it’s the fastest growing BU for us. The pace at which we ramped up our cloud business is something we are very proud of.”It has been the utmost reason behind the trust earned by them from their clientele that spans across all large, medium and small enterprises coming from industries such  as  IT, ITES, BFSI, manufacturing, pharma, fintech and education. Customer satisfaction has always been the key to them  which  is  not just a process but a part of the organisation’s culture.


Undoubtedly the pandemic induced major setbacks to the business world and Chavans also faced multiple challenges in its business functions. Social capital was the aspect that was majorly affected by remote working. “When we witness the body language, we can learn from the cues, by watching people and some of that social capital is hard to create. Sometimes meetings can become very transactional. That’s been the hardest part,” he emphasized. But here,he is not asserting that remote working is bad as there are times and situations where working from home is very productive. Therefore, unique and intuitive solutions are the need of the hour to bring together the social capital creation capabilities, on which Chavans is also converging its energies. As remote office workspace, cloud computing and cyber security solutions are the top preferences of their valued customers, they have been at the forefront to help them adopt these technologies at a faster pace. So far, the company has formulated its own hybrid model, that has a combination of people working from the office as well as remotely. With this out-of-the-box solution, they are aspiring to generate better social capital during the course.


By offering knowledge and insights that facilitate the amelioration of existing solutions, the R & D process allows businesses to thrive amid the competitive scenario. For Chavans, the R & D process has proved to be beneficial in multiple ways too. Here, Sumanth spills the beans on their R&D oriented functions, “Our asset management services are a result of one such practice. We do invest nearly 20% of our  earnings  on  R&D. Our everyday engagement  with  customers  teaches us about multiple complexities they face and we have developed useful services to help them.” As they have been working with some industry giants today, R&D has allowed them to recognize the pain points on their behalf and also help them improve their offerings by giving them constant feedback.


To make growth in leaps and bounds in upcoming years, Chavans has envisioned harnessing the power of rapidly evolving tech advances. Cloud Computing is the latest hype in the market, which is considered to be a future solution, to a viable alternative for many small to medium- sized businesses. When it comes to addressing the need for growing businesses – keeping control of capital expenditures is a tedious task. Here, with virtualization technology and economies of scale, Cloud Computing is an ultimate escape to reach enterprise-grade IT that would otherwise be too costly to purchase and maintain. Sumanth also states that their collaborationwith AWS, Azure & Google on which they have made heavy investment for their cloud business will propel them towards a radiant future for sure.

Security solutions are also in their bucket list with which they will be aiding the customers transition from abolted-on, siloed, threat-centric view to something a lot more built-in, unified and focused on context absent data. “Again, security is not about just having the locks in the house, it’s about the ability to monitor what’s happening in real-time and fixing the issue with an intrinsic approach,” conveys Sumanth.

This is the focal point where the company’s association with VMware Carbon Black has paid off effectively. Today, Chavans has carved a distinctive position in securing an organization’s entire IT – with a strategy of anycloud, any application, any device. It has got an entire portfolio where its partnership with companies like Sonicwall, McAfee, Cisco, Fortinet, Sophos and PaloAlto is steering the relevant operation sophistically.


As we witness heavy disruption around us, it is needless to mention the competitiveness nurturing in the technology industry. Here, only those who are irreplaceable in terms of their offerings while paying heed to customer needs and fostering a creative streak will survive as well as grow.

When questioned about the accelerating competition in the IT industry, the CEO firmly replied,“Werespectthecompetition.Whenwestartedthisbusinessandbegantalkingtoour prospects,wewereneverinavacuumwithnocompetition,sometimeswewerejustextremely lucky. And if there was competition, that means somebody else knew this business as well as we did. At Chavans, we do the work, we learn more about our industry, we know about our business. We put in the effort to know more about our industry than anybody else. That’s the brainspartandthat’stheeffortpartaswell.Ifsomeoneiscompetingwithus,theybetterknow whatthey’redoing,otherwise,wearegoingtokickthemout.They’renotgoingtooutworkus. Continuousimprovementinouractionsandbeingpeoplecentricisatourcoreandthatalways gives us an edge overothers.

Chavans Technologies has become an eminent and credible name in the IT space within just 6 years of its existence. And its phenomenalpresence has been acknowledged and applauded by some big publications and media houses in their recent releases while it relishessome fruitful partnerships. A few of the worthy mentions are – Named among the Top-10 enterprise security service providers for 2020 by CIO Review. Platinum Partner with Dell Technologies, Gold Partner with Sonicwall, Gold Partner with Netmagic, Highpotential growth partner with AWS & Microsoft Azure.

The exemplary company strives to be one of the top IT services providers in the world where   its operations will be conducted in several developed as well as developing countries. And with M9RA49 which is their entity, they are formulating beneficialsoftware tools that are stirring them in the right direction to emerge as a globally reckoned brand.


“I’d say, creating a company and succeeding is like eating glass and staring into the abyss. What I mean to say is, it’s quite exciting for the first several months of starting a company and then the reality sets in, things don’t go as well as planned, customers aren’t signing up, the technology   of the park isn’t working as well as you thought, and then it can sometimes be compounded by   a recession or a pandemic and it can be extremely painful for several years. So frankly, I think when one starts a company, he/she needs to have a clear sense of purpose, a lot of passion and dedication to making things happen and most importantly have a high pain tolerance. It’s not about having just great ideas, it’s really about making them happen.”

  • Who we are
Our goal is to be your most trusted, most innovative partner.
  • Our Leadership
Enrich people’s lives and empower organisations to achieve more
  • Career
The most advanced companies trust Chavans to transform their organisations.

Enabling remote working

Network Virtualisation allows applications to run on a virtual network as if they were running on a physical network. It can combine multiple physical networks into one virtual, software-based network, or it can divide one physical network into separate, independent virtual networks.

1. Greater operational benefits: Abstracting network resources and hardware independencies of virtualisation.

2. Embedded Networking and Security: Transforms the data centre’s network operational model assisting you to realise the full potential of an SDDC.

3. Logical networking elements and services: Ensures logical switching, routing, fire walling, load balancing, VPN, QoS, and monitoring.


Containers offer a logical packaging mechanism in which applications can be abstracted from the environment in which they run. They run virtually anywhere, greatly easing development and deployment: on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems; on virtual machines or bare metal; on a developer’s machine or in data centres on-premises or in the public cloud.The applications running in containers can be rapidly deployed, patched or scaled easily to multiple different operating systems and hardware platforms.

Powerful, flexible & secure foundation for business agility

Server virtualisation accelerates your digital transformation to a hybrid cloud environment supporting a diverse range of workloads and applications while keeping pace with the growing needs and complexity of your IT infrastructure.

1. Operational Benefits: Reduces operational costs, faster server provisioning & workload deployment with greatly improved disaster recovery and significant energy cost savings.

2. Increased Productivity: Eliminates server sprawl and complexity with increased application performance

3. Advanced security capabilities: Powered by machine learning, it provides better visibility, protection, and faster response time for security incidences.

Increase control, deliver security

Deploying desktops as a managed service enables IT organisations to respond faster to changing workplace needs and emerging opportunities. It enables you to adopt a user-centric and flexible approach to computing – by decoupling applications, data, and operating system from the endpoint—and by moving these components into the datacentre, where it can be centrally managed in your cloud.

1. Improve security: Eliminates leakage at endpoint – data and applications never leave the datacenter

2. Simplify deployment and management: Centralises and simplifies deployment and management with a modern approach, saving overall costs

3. Streamlined IT: Manages users securely, with agile on-demand desktop services

Protect & harden against advanced datacentre threats

Our server security portfolio provides complete server protection with end-to-end application control enabling micro-segmentation, administrator privilege de-escalation, patch mitigation, and protection against the zero-day threat in today’s heterogeneous private/ public cloud datacentre.
Protect your servers from zero-day attacks and quickly deploy additional monitoring and targeted hardening to applicable thus, providing impenetrable security. You can also secure unpatched applications and systems running on the legacy and End-of platforms, as well as secure workloads regardless of where it resides and protect entire data centres including legacy systems that cannot be patched using virtualisation technology support.

Work on any device, anywhere.

Soft Client brings people and work together in a single, reimagined workspace – beyond the traditional meeting. It provides a workspace where all your collaboration tools are brought together in a single reimagined place on any device, anywhere.

You can connect with people either inside or outside your organisation and place all your tools right in the center of your workflow – it breaks down the siloes across your collaboration experience. Now you can stay connected between meetings with virtual meeting spaces, messaging, file sharing, whiteboards, and even video calling.

Advanced meeting experience.

We help you a create a custom, room-based telepresence system based on one of our three powerful and flexible codecs. The codec acts as the video collaboration engine that you can use to build custom video studios, boardrooms, auditoriums, education, and telemedicine applications, with a crystal clear 1080p HD video and high-fidelity audio. This is a powerful video and audio engine for integrators that delivers the industry’s first support for H.265 and bandwidth efficiency. It’s powerful enough to create video collaboration solutions for the largest and most complex scenarios. It is available as part of three integrator packages that combine with Precision 60 Camera, SpeakerTrack 60, or Quad Camera for ease of integration.

Pair a camera and the codec with the screens of your choice. Each codec offers increasing capabilities such as greater resolution, more inputs and outputs.

Customise meeting rooms with video conferencing to evolve team collaboration.

We help you bring intelligence and usability into your meeting rooms. Adding new capabilities enable even smarter meetings, smarter conference rooms, and device integrations removing barriers to the usage of video. Your choice of collaboration room is critical in helping your team stay productive, keeping them connected and maintaining business continuity. You can wirelessly present, white board, and video or audio conference – everything you need for team collaboration, all at the touch of a finger.

The key benefits are it is easy to use – touch / non-touch based, has high resolution 4K screens, connects with your virtual teams through soft clients (app), automatically wakes-up when you enter the room, detects soft clients – supported devices, intelligently anticipates your needs, smart 4K camera delivers a natural viewing experience and intelligent microphones create crisp, clear audio.

Dynamic 365

An ERP software focusing on your core accounting, manufacturing, and distribution needs, but extend to much more. It adds automation, efficiency, control, and scalability to your enterprise. The key benefits are it is cloud based, and no matter where you do business, your customer data is safe on the Microsoft cloud. With a unified Power Platform, it brings together business processes and Office personal productivity apps. Access CRM capabilities across Outlook, Excel, Microsoft Teams, and other familiar tools for an unrivalled, connected experience. Sales, marketing, and customer service apps connect everyone to a single source of relationship information creating consistency. It replaces repetitive manual tasks with connected processes using D365 and Power Platform solutions. You can apply triggers for approval requests and deploy guided processes to handle lead qualification, service issues, and other routine workflows. It comes with real-time reporting across the metrics that matter most to you with native dashboards, Power BI visualisations, and embedded AI capabilities. You can use Dynamics 365 apps and mobile Power Apps to handle specific processes that will empower everyone to be productive, wherever they work, with consistent user experience.

At the highest level, there are 2 main Dynamics 365 ERP software to choose from:

Dynamics 365 Business Central: ERP software well-suited for most small and medium-sized businesses. It lets your company start small but scale up and add functionality as their needs grow.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations: ERP software well-suited for large or diversified companies. Especially used by companies with multiple lines of business, international operations, multi-currency needs, or complex discrete and process manufacturing needs.

MS Office/Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-hosted productivity suite that fulfils the need for a great product that helps you achieve optimum productivity and efficient communication. This suite with its collection of intelligent tools makes performing essential tasks like finding information, communicating with colleagues, sharing knowledge, processing data, planning and organisation faster and more straightforward, reducing time spent on administrative tasks, leaving businesses more time to create, innovate, and move forward. The key benefits are its cloud-based access, cost-effectiveness and flexibility to business changes through subscription-based services, it does not require any hardware investment, all infrastructure is handled at Microsoft’s end, reducing the need for IT expertise to manage the suite in-house and our expertise in the suite gives you access to 24×7 support.

Some of the exceptional tools available on office 365 suite to give you an advantage for business operation:

Business Center: A central access point for all Office 365 business apps, through which users can track metrics like outstanding invoices, email subscriptions, and bookings

Microsoft Connections: Basic email marketing tool, and customer engagement platform

Outlook Customer Manager: A simple, intelligent customer management add-on for businesses who don’t yet need an advanced CRM system.

Microsoft Listings: A tool to help organisations manage their business information on platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing, and Yelp.

Microsoft Bookings: A tool that allows you to manage customer appointments and schedules.

Microsoft Invoicing: An app designed to generate and send professional invoices to customers and accept payments on the go.

Boost productivity, work smarter with a business-class collaboration tool

We provide you with an email and calendaring tool that adapts to your style of work – helps you collaborate on your critical documents, access emails, contacts and calendars giving you a focused inbox that prioritises important messages. Now get more work done from your preferred workspace – faster!

The intuitive, organised and customisable inbox with advanced search enhancements connects you to modern services and internal line-of-business applications. Its powerful calendaring system goes beyond basic scheduling of appointments and commitments as well as shared calendars between different members of your organisation. It possess impenetrable security with centralised emails for timely back-ups and a multi-layered anti-spam, phishing filter that eliminates email threats.

Simplify your enterprise business process

We assist you in connecting your data across the Oracle environment with simple deployment, protection and management of applications across diverse workloads. Your enterprise can now connect and refine all your data, establishing a modern infrastructure foundation and achieving data-driven business outcomes with a modern foundation for Oracle applications.

A modernised IT infrastructure ensures agility in data management and data-driven analytics, even with large databases. The operational agility supports cloud native applications through automation of infrastructure. With data-Intensive applications it possesses superior ability to manage multiple databases across enterprises with accelerated decision making systems.

Protect your data from all attack vectors

Storage security is a critically important step that your enterprise must take because data breaches majorly occur due to a failure in data storage security. We focus on eliminating every threat posed to your data storage system- on-premises or on the cloud. Be it implementing technical controls like strong data storage encryption, intrusion detection, firewalls, data life cycle management, etc. or administrative controls like policymaking, compliance to policy, data retention, data access, etc. we do it all!
Protect against external threats – hackers, cybercriminals, organised crime groups, competitors carrying out “industrial espionage”, Nation-states, terrorists; internal threats – malicious insiders, poorly trained or careless staff, disgruntled employees and other threats- natural disasters and accidents like fire, flooding, power outages.

Blade Server

Blade servers are the latest servers. Slim and compact just like a blade, they slide vertically into a specially designed chassis and share certain elements of the hardware with other blade servers in the chassis, for higher efficiency and cost reduction. In short, blade servers will give you much greater processing power, take up less space and use less energy than other forms of server used for the same purposes.
Instead of powering and cooling multiple servers, the chassis supplies power to multiple blade servers. They provide high processing power while taking up minimal space. Blade servers provide high performance beyond compare.

Identity & Access Management (IDAM)

We assist your organisation in identifying, authenticating, and authorising individuals or groups of people who can have access to applications, networks, or systems by associating user rights and restrictions with defined identities. It enhances security by controlling user access, thus, companies can eliminate instances of data breaches, identity theft, and illegal access to confidential information. Whenever a security policy gets updated, all access privileges across the organisation can be changed in a one sweep update. Your company can provide outsiders (like customers, suppliers, and visitors) access to their networks without jeopardising security while increasing productivity. There’s no need to enter multiple passwords to access multiple systems under SSO. If biometrics or smart cards are used, users don’t need to remember complex passwords, thus, improving overall user experience.

Rack Server

A rack server is positioned in a bay inside a rack and related equipment’s like storage, security, and network appliances are mounted above it saving data-centre floor space. Rack servers are typically general-purpose servers that support a broad range of applications and computing infrastructure.
It is easier to manage connections and maintain the system as all components of the system are located in the same place. Rack servers can be expanded with additional memory, storage, and processors. It also provides great flexibility since it enables you to install several servers in the same bay, one for each application or function, for example, email, professional software, storage, etc.

Tower Server

Tower Servers are low cost and can be customized and upgraded based on business needs as they come with minimal configuration. Tower servers can be configured as general-purpose servers, communication servers, web servers, or network servers that integrates using HTTP protocols. It also costs roughly the same as a desktop computer.
The advantages of a tower server lies not only in the fact that it is relatively compact but also in its ability to be used in work areas which are not specifically designed to accommodate servers. It is designed to be positioned on or underneath a desk; offers a basic level of performance; and costs roughly the same as a desktop computer. Its simplicity and robustness also means that the tower server is considered an ideal place to start for those looking to begin using a server in a small company.

Data back-up and protection storage

Data Backup & Protection Storage systems revolutionise disk backup and protect disaster recovery with high-speed inline deduplication for a new generation of midsize and large enterprise backup systems powered with aFlash SSD.

Our goal is to reduce storage requirements by consolidating backup and archiving data on a single system. Storage requirements can now be reduced by 10-55x, making disk cost-effective for onsite retention and highly efficient for network-based replication to disaster recovery sites. It comes with software such as global compression, snapshots, replication, encryption, retention, etc along with it.

  • IOT
Remove mundane repetitive tasks and enable your organisation to do more rewarding tasks – Adopt IoT!
  • AI in everyday lives & ML
Tap into your unique capabilities – empower your business with AI today!
  • The Kuberenetes technology
Enterprises are enthusiastically adopting Kubernetes, to drive greater resource efficiency and shortening development cycles.
  • Endpoint security
Protects all traditional & mobile endpoint devices using artificial intelligence to optimise security decisions as on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based solutions.
  • IT Audits
Make your digital business goals a reality – adopt a multi-cloud strategy
  • The Big Data world
Manage and control the value of data analytics
  • Deep Learning
Tap into your unique capabilities – empower your business with AI today!
  • Internet Security
Make your digital business goals a reality – adopt a multi-cloud strategy

  • Who we are
Our goal is to be your most trusted, most innovative partner.
  • Our Leadership
Enrich people’s lives and empower organisations to achieve more
  • Key partnership
Our goal is to be your most trusted, most innovative partner.
  • Career
The most advanced companies trust Chavans to transform their organisations.


Unlock possibilities for the digital future
  • Consulting Services
Transform your organisation from the edge to the data centre, to the cloud
  • Managed Services
Transform your IT experience with advanced technologies and proven expertise
  • Residency Services
Accelerate your technology transition and optimise your IT
  • Deployment Services
Deploy new technology without disrupting user productivity
  • Support Services
Optimise your digital transformation with maximum productivity
  • Education Services
Adopt industry-leading training to adopt new and emerging technologies
  • Datacenter Infrastructure
  • Applications & Databases
  • Laptops | Desktops
  • Productivity Softwares
  • Collaboration Room
  • Cyber Security

The Digital Future is where human progress is transformed by technology.

Chavans Technologies is the one partner you need that can help you make it real.

  • Servers
Powerful servers built for innovation and to accelerate IT transformation
  • Data Storage
Simple. Powerful. Efficient. Solutions for all your workloads.
  • Data Protection
Powerful Backup & recovery solution from the core to edge to the cloud
  • Converged Infrastructure
Simplify & modernise IT – Higher ROI & lower TCO with real savings & results
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Ready solutions, from build to buy – for every customer and workload
  • Networking
Modernise your network from the edge to core to cloud
  • Virtualisation, Containers, Kubernetes
Your answer to digital transformation

Simplifying your journey to an
Intelligent Enterprise
  • MS SQL
Unleash the Power in your
  • Oracle Database
Simplify your enterprise
business process
  • MS Exchange
Boost productivity, work smarter with a business-class collaboration tool

  • Smart Phones
Simplifying your journey to an Intelligent Enterprise
  • Tablets
Unleash the Power in your Data
  • Laptops
Simplify your enterprise business process
  • Desktops & Workstations
Boost productivity, work smarter with a business-class collaboration tool
  • Thin Clients
Boost productivity, work smarter with a business-class collaboration tool

  • MS Office, Office 365
Office 365 is a cloud-hosted productivity suite that fulfils the need for a great product that helps you achieve optimum productivity and efficient communication.
  • Dynamic 365
An ERP software focusing on your core accounting, manufacturing, and distribution needs, but extend to much more.

  • Room
Customise meeting rooms with video conferencing to evolve team collaboration
  • Integrator
Advanced meeting experience
  • Soft Clients
Work on any device, anywhere
  • IP Phones
Video & Voice for everyone

  • Indentity & Access Management
We assist your organisation in identifying, authenticating, and authorising individuals or groups of people …
  • Mobility
With the advancement of mobile and cloud technologies, the line between the private corporate network…
  • End-User Endpoint Security
Work on any device, anywhere
  • Server Security
Monitor and protect physical and virtual servers in on-premise, hybrid..
  • Storage Security
Storage security is a critically important step that your enterprise…
  • Cloud Access Security Broker
Seamlessly adopt cloud apps with bettervisibility, data security and threat protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
Video & Voice for everyone
  • SSIM
We help you collect, monitor and analyse all the data generated from numerous sources..
  • SD-WAN
Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Times have changed,backhauling all traffic
  • ATP
Advanced Threat Protection is available in either a hardware appliance or virtual machine (VM) form factor..
  • Firewall
Web servers are often targeted by attackers to help them host and deliver malware.

  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • App Modernisation
  • DevOps Solutions
  • Edge Solutions
  • Trust Solutions

A step towards the digital future

Chavans Technologies is the one partner you need that can help you make it real.
  • SDDC (SD Access)
Security, storage, networking — virtualised and delivered as a service
  • Multi-Cloud Operations
Make your digital business goals a reality – adopt a multi-cloud strategy
  • Data Analytics
Manage and control the value of data analytics
  • High Performance Computing
Transform and Innovate with high-performance computing solutions
  • SAP
Make your digital business goals a reality – adopt a multi-cloud strategy
  • Microsoft SQL
A data-centric, intelligent and adaptable server supporting all workloads
  • Vmware
Consistent operating solutions from the edge to core to cloud
  • Enterprise Workloads
Drive innovation efficiently for all your workloads
  • Oracle
The powerful foundation you need to connect data across an Oracle landscape
  • Microsoft
The secure, proven choice for a modern data centre
  • WAN network
Simplify branch and WAN network operations
  • Assure network
Assure Network availability and performance
  • Containers & Kubernetes
Enterprises are enthusiastically adopting Kubernetes, to drive greater resource efficiency and shortening development cycles.
  • Consume Kubernetes Across Clouds
Pilot efficiently through your multi-cloud environment with Kubernetes
  • Build Cloud-Native Apps
Super-fast App development with cloud
  • Evolve existing apps
Manage and control the value of data analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence
Tap into your unique capabilities – empower your business with AI today!
  • IoT
Remove mundane repetitive tasks and enable your organisation to do more rewarding tasks – Adopt IoT!
  • Hyperautomation
Digitally transform your organisation – automate complex business processes end-to-end
  • Blockchain
Build a smarter, more efficient supply chain
  • Developer Tools
productive, continuously integrate and deliver

  • Implementing Remote Workforce
The only thing that has changed about our work is the way we do it.
  • Unified Workspace
Faster. Smarter. More responsive – Intelligent PCs with built-in Al capabilities
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Beyond workstation level performance for critical users, wherever they are
  • Endpoint Security
Safeguard your data and workflows of each end-point device.
  • Increase Productivity
Choose the right tools and prioritise workforce productivity
  • Unified Communications
Get your communication right and the rest will follow
  • Identity Security
Connect any user, from any device to any application, securely
  • Device Security
Cloud-delivered threat protection for all your devices, everywhere.
  • Cloud Apps Security
Security with the deepest visibility, tightest data security and strongest threat protection
  • Data Security
Keep sensitive corporate information safe and compliant
  • Infrastructure Security
Best in class protection with cybersecurity skills-at-scale
  • Windows10 Migration
Transform the way employees work— let your IT add real business value

Video & Voice for everyone.

IP Phones empower your business with a new collaborative experience that connects you with the right people, with the right information at the right time – accelerate your team’s performance and maximise your business results.

The key benefits are it harnesses the power of your busy professional staff by enabling them to collaborate confidently with customers, partners, colleagues, and suppliers, maximises interaction with subject-matter experts (SMEs) by taking advantage of pervasive presence, team space escalation to calling and conferencing capabilities, transforms your business processes and reduces costs with interactive high-quality, business grade high-definition video communications and gives access to optional third-party endpoint applications and accessories to innovate new workflows.


With the advancement of mobile and cloud technologies, the line between the private corporate network and public internet has virtually dissolved into thin air. To add to that is the growing demand from employees to use their personal devices for work. We provide tools that enable your remote users to securely connect to the internet and private network resources – without introducing cyber risks associated with using personal devices and unsecured Wi-Fi.
  • Who we are
Our goal is to be your most trusted, most innovative partner.
  • Our Leadership
Enrich people’s lives and empower organisations to achieve more
  • Career
The most advanced companies trust Chavans to transform their organisations.
  • Who we are
Our goal is to be your most trusted, most innovative partner.
  • Our Leadership
Enrich people’s lives and empower organisations to achieve more
  • Career
The most advanced companies trust Chavans to transform their organisations.
  • Empowering Brands
  • Empowering Meets
  • Employee Delight
  • Consulting
  • Data analytics
  • Design
  • Social media & content
  • Digital
  • Customer engagement
  • Who we are
Our goal is to be your most trusted, most innovative partner.
  • Our Leadership
Enrich people’s lives and empower organisations to achieve more
  • Career
The most advanced companies trust Chavans to transform their organisations.

Real-time cyber defence systems

We help you collect, monitor and analyse all the data generated from numerous sources, like antivirus software, intrusion-detection systems (IDS), intrusion-prevention systems (IPS), file systems, firewalls, routers, servers, and switches.

The key benefits of SSIM are that all events and activities are monitored and viewed in real- time, event data from various sources is translated into a common preferred format, correlated and cross-correlated to help administrators in your organisation to discern between real threats and false positives and it provides automated incident response, sends alerts and generates reports.

All-in-one engineered system.

These systems are specifically designed to deliver greater business agility, improved data centre efficiency, and better operational simplicity.

It is a fully integrated system that integrates compute, storage, networking, virtualisation and data protection in a full-stack solution that runs nearly any application.

Complete web application security – allow only the known.

Web servers are often targeted by attackers to help them host and deliver malware. We help you determine the policies your firewall needs to adhere to – choosing the perfect fit for your organisation and running threat analysis while also maintaining it regularly.

The key benefits of Firewall are its multi-layered protection that defend your applications against ransomware and other emerging threats by fusing signature-less technologies like advanced machine learning, behaviour analysis, and exploit prevention with proven protection capabilities like intrusion prevention, reputation analysis, and more. Application shielding that helps gain enhanced visibility into suspicious files via tuneable protection to make better policy decisions and shield commonly used applications against vulnerability exploits and isolate suspicious applications from malicious activity. Seamless integrationthat enable business with a high-performance, lightweight solution and integration with existing IT infrastructure for automation and orchestration with open-APIs.

Start uncovering cyberattacks in no time

Advanced Threat Protection is available in either a hardware appliance or virtual machine (VM) form factor, which uncovers and prioritises advanced attacks entering the organisation through the network. The product automatically sends all suspicious files to a sandboxing system for rapid detection of even the most complex and stealthy advanced attacks.

Key Benefits of ATP
  1. Early detection – Halts attacks in progress or mitigates threats before they breach the systems
  2. Swift & Adequate protection – Disrupts activity in progress or counters actions that have already occurred as a result of a breach.
  3. Quick mitigation and response – Interrupts the lifecycle of the attack to ensure that the threat is unable to progress or proceed.

Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Times have changed, backhauling all traffic – including that destined to the cloud – from branch offices to the headquarters introduces latency and impairs application performance. SD-WAN uses a centralised control function to securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN.

The key benefits of SD-WAN are its guaranteed efficiency – increased application performance with a high-quality user experience, resulting in increased business productivity, agility, and reduced costs for IT. It provides WAN simplification at a lower cost with bandwidth efficiency; swift deployment that supports centralised configuration, enabling the required changes to be deployed in a few minutes instead of weeks or months. Also, act as a seamless ramp to the cloud with significant application performance especially for critical applications without sacrificing security and data privacy; and, high flexibility – continuous adaption to changes with automated daily application definition and IP address updates. This eliminates application interruption and user productivity issues.

  • Cloud Service Model
  • Cloud Deployment Models
  • Cloud Adoption Services

A step towards the digital future

Chavans Cloud is your trusted partner to help you make it real.

  • IaaS
Test your applications without the maintenance and operation costs
  • PaaS
Access management platforms anywhere and everywhere
  • SaaS
Access business application on demand from any location

  • Public
Deliver greater efficiency for traditional and next-generation applications
  • Private
Stronger data governance and low-latency performance for your demanding workloads
  • Co - Location
Valuable solutions providing better efficiency standards
  • Hybrid
Run workloads on best-suited cloud service applications
  • Multi cloud
Move business workloads with greater flexibility and control

  • Consulting
Modernise applications for the cloud
  • Managed
Deliver fast, consistent and modern cloud management
  • Education
Be in power with cloud technology